A few things you should know

I love shopping. It’s a flaw, it really is. The term “shopoholic” is a just title for people who, like me, have a addiction to acquiring lots of, lets say, pretty things.

Often,  we “shopoholics” don’t actually have money for most of the pretty things that we absolutely must buy. Yet, we convince ourselves that we need them (and yes, there are many, many things that I absolutely “need” – like every pretty dress or pair of shoes I see, or, ghasp, sigh, that fabulous bag!).

This devastating ability to find necessity in almost anything is a trademark talent of mine. There are a number of common, um, excuses we’ll call them, which I, and most shopping addicts use regularly. I expect we will encounter many of these over the course of this blog, which will follow a number of stylish woman on their shopping expeditions, and provide some insight into how they create, and achieve, their characteristic look.

So, I thought I should begin  by providing a brief, but thorough, introduction to the most common of these excuses.

First, there is the ever-popular “investment” defense; This is anything that you”really, really need,” but is way beyond your price range. For example; a pair $250 jeans, or, a $500 clutch – these are items that will “last forever.” So as long as you don’t gain any weight, or need to carry more than a blackberry and lip gloss at any give time, both those things are, indeed, a very “good investment purchase.”

Another good justification that I use often, is the “replacement piece.” This is anything that we already own, in one form or another. Like an everything cardigan, or a pair of black jeans that just aren’t as nice as the newer, prettier ones you saw. So using the everything cardigan and the jeans as an example; your cardigan may have a pull, or a missing button (which you could easily sew on but choose not to) and the new one with the flower that you love from the spring collection would be a “perfect replacement” for your old one (which you swear you’ll throw out, but you won’t). Or, your jeans have a small rip in the leg (which totally looks awesome, but that’s not conducive the excuse you’re trying to create for yourself [or for your husband, boyfriend, mother etc] ) or, they’ve faded and are now a completely different style of pant because they have become far more casual. Therefore, those new jeans, the ones that just came out; the ones that make your ass look fantastic and were totally made for you, well those would be the “perfect replacement” for those old faded ones.

My personal favourite, the excuse which I catch myself using most, is “THE missing piece” defense. This one’s fairly straight forward, and it’s the easiest to use because it doesn’t involve quick and creative mind manipulation. This justification is simply, “I love this! It’s perfect! AND I don’t have one, so I MUST need it, otherwise my wardrobe will never be complete.”

Do you see how this works now? There is a way to justify buying anything you want by simply convincing yourself that it’s something you need. Whether you need it because it’s an “investment piece”, a “replacement piece”, or “THE missing piece”, you can always find an excuse.

This dangerous skill has run many a women deep into debt. Thankfully, I do not own a credit card (which I intentionally did to prevent my inevitable undoing). I have, however, sacrificed a meal or two for something pretty that I completely, and absolutely needed. But it’s OK, it was investment.


About ashleigh26

I am a fashion/costume designer, artist, journalist, actress, model and fashion aficionado currently based in ottawa, ON.
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