The Androgynist

Ottawa Winterlude was in full-swing, but when I met Ms. Wallace downtown on Sunday, it wasn’t to go skating.
We had a mission – to find the perfect hoodie.

Anique is a 21-year-old, soon-to-be journalism graduate. But before she heads out to take on the world, she plans to continue her education and expand into the field of communications. And while she may not sport a hoodie and skinny jeans when she lands a fancy job with a big NGO – that’s how she’s most comfortable.

When it comes to her style, Anique strives to find a balance between clothes which are overly masculine or super feminine. Her compromise, as she says, is often found in an ambiguously styled tee with a small girly detail; like a floral print lining, for instance. “That’s my out,” she says.

Her perfect hoodie will be a black or blue zip-up and be simple – no print, no pattern, no graphic.

Let’s see how our search panned out.



About ashleigh26

I am a fashion/costume designer, artist, journalist, actress, model and fashion aficionado currently based in ottawa, ON.
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One Response to The Androgynist

  1. Julie McCann says:

    Thanks, Ashleigh. (And Anique!)

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