The Valentine’s Vixen

It’s the day after Valentine’s, and all through the house, there is chocolate and lingerie and it’s strewn all about.

All over the word ladies go crazy for ruffles, silk and lace. They wax and shave, paint there’s nails and buy a brand new shade of red lipstick with a sexy name like, “Vixen”, “Seduction” or “Red Hot”.

But why, for some, does Feb. 14 suddenly inspire  a need to feel sexy? Sure, it’s fun and, for most women,  getting that dolled up is a lot of work for an average evening, but there are many ways to feel sexy any day of the year, not just “Valentine’s Day.”

Brooklyn Shirley, a sales associate at Aren’t We Naughty, says that while the first weeks of February do bring in more customers and new clients, the other 50 weeks of the year are just as profitable for the popular sex shop.

“All our lingerie sells fairly well throughout the year. The panties sell the most; the schoolgirl outfits are always a crowd pleaser any time of year, and we sell stockings like nobody’s business.”

Shirley says she doesn’t wait for Valentine’s day to buy or wear lingerie; she recommends wearing something as small as a bra with some sexy lace ruffles around the cup to make any women feel sexy any time.

“My ideal sexy outfit for any day, would be thigh-high stockings, peep-toe heels and a black or white corset and garter – the whole shebang really. I don’t need Valentine’s day to feel sexy –  no women should.”



About ashleigh26

I am a fashion/costume designer, artist, journalist, actress, model and fashion aficionado currently based in ottawa, ON.
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