Fashion Design

On this page you will find links to websites where you can view some of my designs. Click on the dates above the photos to view photoshoots of the collections.


Fall/Winter 2007/08

Click HERE to view this collection backstage preparing it’s runway debut


Fall/Winter 2006/07


Spring/Summer 2009

The more formal garments from this collection (like the powder  yellow silk satin number above)  were created for a charity Fashion show in Ottawa, Canada at  LAGO

Click on the photo to view pieces from that show – OR you can click right HERE


The ruffled vest below is part of a custom stage ensemble I created for an emerging young Canadian Artist named Parisanna.


Below are a few links to see work by some photographers and stylists who have had some fun with my designs.

This photoshoot,  called,  “Melancholic Clown,” styled by The Wardrobe Stylist, or, Rania Abdulla, and shot by Ottawa photographer, Ryan Parent is a mix of looks put together with pieces from my FW 06/07 collection and my graduating – and very first full – collection

Click HERE to see the photos from the collage online.


The following are photos from another shoot styled by Rania Abdulla (featuring a white satin and tulle bridal gown of mine) called, “Life is Just a Fanatsy,” shot by photographer Alex Denomay.

For a better view of the dress click HERE


The following is a dress I created for a cover shoot for Glue Magazine. The theme was “Freeganism” and the dress was created using recycled paper yard waste bags, plastic garbage bags, twine and some fruits and vegetables – all of which were given to me on set, and a mere hour before shooting was scheduled to take place.

I was also the costume designer for a local film by Valley Wind Productions called “The Legend of OZ”.

Below is a shot from the set of the “Wheelers” wearing my costumes. Custom costumes included these, and those for the character of Mombi. Click  HERE to view.


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